Munia Adding Deadlines

Use the tool bar to insert a new deadline. A form will open in which you can insert the following data:

Deadline type This may be an appointment or a client / supplier debit or credit (select from the list).
Client / Supplier This may contain a wide range of references, for example, a friend, a bank, etc. To insert a new name that is not already contained in the list, use the F5 function key or the special (+) button.
Amount To be inserted only if the deadline refers to either a debit or credit.
Single Deadline Recurring Deadline Select deadlines type. If you choose "Single deadline" you'll have to insert only the deadline Date.
Instead, if you choose "Recurring Deadline" you'll have to insert:
First deadline Date Starting Date for deadlines.
Deadlines number Whole number of deadlines to create.
Deadlines interval Intercurrent time between deadlines (select from the list).

Save DataWhen you click on "Save" the form will be closed and the data sheet and calender will automatically be updated.

Notes------Deadlines can also be inserted by using either the Record->New option or by pressing [F5] key.