Munia Ordering and grouping data

Ordering data It is possible to order data deadlines by clicking on the column headers. For example: by clicking on the "Description" column Munia will order the data sheet according to "Description".
Grouping data The particularly useful data grouping tool allows you to view data effectively. The "View"->"Grouping layout" (*) menu offers four options.

graphic Simple No grouping
graphic Group by Date Group by uniform periods
graphic Group by month/year Group by month/year
graphic Group by client/supplier Group by client/supplier

You can show the total balance of that group if you select this option.
Two buttons of the toolbar graphic collapse or expand all group data.
Notes--------(*) Group options can also be activated via the keyboard and via the toolbar. Munia is able to memorize and then show the previously used orders, group settings and column widths at each programme start up.